Sean Godwin

Phd Student

Previous degree: BSc, McGill University


Website here

I am a PhD student being co-supervised by John Reynolds, Larry Dill, and Martin Krkosek.

My research interests revolve around Pacific salmon conservation and, in particular, how pathogens affect the early marine life of wild salmon. Pathogen infection can impact host behaviour, growth, and competitive ability, each of which can in turn affect the survival of the host. For my PhD, I am using field experiments and statistical modelling to evaluate the impacts of sea lice on the behaviour, growth, and competitive ability of wild juvenile sockeye salmon, an iconic fish of the west coast.

Check out this short vignette by the Hakai Institute to see what I do and why I do it. For plain language summaries of my publications, click here.


Godwin, S.C., Pendray, E.J., Favaro, B., Reynolds, J.D. Submitted. Assessing population recovery of at-risk species: A case study using Canada’s Species at Risk Act.
Joint first authors

Godwin, S.C., Dill, L.M., Krkošek, M., Price, M.H.H., Reynolds, J.D., Submitted. Reduced growth in wild juvenile sockeye salmon infected with sea lice.

Godwin, S.C., Francis, F.T.-Y., Howard, B.R., Malpica-Cruz, L., Witter, A.L. In review. Important features for the economic viability of community supported fisheries.

Groner, M.L., Rogers, L.A., Bateman, A.W., Connors, B.M., Frazer, L.N., Godwin, S.C., Krkošek, M., Lewis, M.A., Peacock, S.J., Rees, E.E., Revie, C.W., Schlägel. 2016. Quantitative lessons from sea lice and salmon epidemiology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences. 371:20150203.

Godwin, S.C., Dill, L.M., Reynolds, J.D., Krkošek, M. 2015. Sea lice, sockeye salmon, and foraging competition: Lousy fish are lousy competitors. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 72:1113-1120.
*News coverage by the Vancouver Sun and The Globe and Mail

Godwin, S.C., Solomon, C.T., Weidel, B.C., Jones, S.E. 2014. Dissolved organic carbon concentration controls benthic primary production: Results from in situ chambers in north-temperate lakes. Limnology and Oceanography. 59:2112-2120.