Morgan Hocking

Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow and Science Director, Qqs Projects Society

Degrees: PhD Biology (University of Victoria)

BSc Biology (University of Victoria)



I am a field ecologist interested in understanding the processes that underpin communities – from the fine-scale nutrient niches of individual organisms to macro-ecological patterns across environmental gradients. For much of my research career I have studied the role of marine subsidies from spawning Pacific salmon in structuring terrestrial food webs, including communities of insects, plants, songbirds and stream fish. I use a combination of observational field studies, experimental manipulations, stable isotope analyses and, most recently, mixed-effects modeling to analyze the distribution, abundance and ecology of species. I am indebted to my experiences on the remote central coast of British Columbia where wild salmon and their natural predators exist. Through partnerships with local First Nations, NGOs and academics, I am fundamentally committed to applying environmental problem solving to policy and conservation issues in British Columbia and Canada.


Please see my website for details and pdfs.