Join Us

My group is currently near full capacity, so it is unlikely that I will be accepting new graduate students in 2017, unless they have their own scholarships and are a perfect fit with my team. Members of my research group are also members of the Earth To Ocean Research Group, a collaborative and mutually supportive affiliation of the research teams of six professors at Simon Fraser University.

Three of the research areas that I am focussing on at the moment involve interactions between salmon and bird populations, interactions between salmon and plants, and impacts of marine-derived nutrients on island biogeography.  More information about the latter project, which is coordinated through the Hakai Institute, is available here.   My interests are a little eclectic.  See the Cambodian snake project I supervised a few years ago, through my former PhD student Sharon Brooks in my publication list.

If you are interested in joining my group, I would appreciate it if you could email me:

1.  Your CV, including people I can contact for references.

2.  Your transcripts (unofficial will be fine).

3.  Cover letter containing:

(a) A statement of the sorts of projects that would particularly interest you.  The more specific your ideas are, the better.  Don’t worry about whether the projects will turn out to be realistic; you won’t be narrowing your options by writing down your ideas.  I want to be able to gauge your interests and creativity.

(b) If you’re interested in fieldwork, a full description of your field experience.  All of our field sites are in areas without roads, which we reach by boats, run by certified and experienced members of my team.  I need to know about all of your experience with boats, as well as safety certifications.  If you don’t love hiking through streams and forests in the rain, my lab is not for you.

(c) Information about scholarships applied for or held, e.g. NSERC.

(d) Why you want an MSc, PhD or post-doc, and what you hope to do with it after you graduate.